Seriously, Why?

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Not because you’ll probably be replaced by a machine in your job in ten years.

Not because you wouldn’t “allow” your “precious idea” to be “stolen” by “those coders” who don’t really have anything else to do.

Not because working for the tech giants could make you 10x more money than your current job.

Just because,

You could make your room’s lights blink when your favorite YouTube channel uploads a new video.

Just because,

Your side hustle could be way more profitable just by automating some tasks as a hobby.

Just because,

It’s so cool to rule the machines.

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Professionals get the job done.

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Inspiration doesn’t come by waiting. Waiting for inspiration for something is a great way to achieve perfect procrastination. Also, waiting for it blocks you from doing too many things.

Professionals plan the work needed, start it when needed, and do the job as needed.

Knowing that nothing and no one is perfect helps find the energy necessary to get the job done.



And What’s Not?

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Expertise can’t be measured by how many books you read or wrote.

It can’t be measured by the number of people listening to you.

It can’t even be measured by how much time you spent on your field.

Expertise can only be measured by how many high-quality problems you faced, how deep you struggled with them and how hard you found the solutions for them.

Easy-to-solve problems don’t make anyone an expert.